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Published: 27th July 2009
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One of the most beautiful secrets of a successful matrimony is knowing and understanding your life partner completely. Once you decide the one you are going to marry, it is important to know more about that person. The more you know about your spouse, the more you can understand and love him / her. In fact, these days, both the prospective bride and groom are most excited and curious about knowing each other. That's why, the trend of meting and talking quite often after getting engaged has become quite prevalent nowadays.

Indeed, this time gives the opportunity to ask questions about each other, know more about the family background and the match. However, the quest to know each other should not end after courtship. After the matrimonial as well, you should continue the process of knowing each other as it will keep the spice live in your marriage. Sometimes, married couples do not care about asking those silly 'whys' and 'what if' questions often brought out during courtship. Such questions may sound silly but by raising them, we tend to know more about the beliefs and values of our partners, and of course, it can help you determine how compatible you are with your life partner, and in a way, knowing the chances of making a successful marriage.

In some countries where divorce is not legal, they often have questions for couples who are married. The couple has to undergo a sort of interview on their opinions about marriage, family, finances and many other things that determine the compatibility of the couple and their capabilities in raising a family.

To keep the charisma alive, you can also come up with your own compatibility test with creative ideas to make your partner talk about just anything about life, childhood experiences and some little things that may seem too little but shows more about him / her. However, always keep in mind that these compatibility questions should be asked just for fun and for communication starters and should not be as rigid as those marriage interviews for alien spouses, and definitely not something that can lead to one getting angry. With this fun way of knowing each other, you may be even surprised to know that there are still many things to learn about your partner even after years of living together.

It has been observed quite often that gaps in communication lead to unsuccessful relationships. So, having fun question-and-answer activities in your leisure time can even create magic in your relationship. Remember, never exempt romantic conversations from your relationship. In fact, ask such questions to each other. Knowing more about what your partner likes or dislikes and sharing about your thoughts and feelings can solicit support and mutual respect, which is essential in a long lasting relationship.

Here are some questions that you can ask your life partner:

What do his / her friends think of him? How does your life partner treat the family? How does he / she talk about past relationships? Try to whether your life partner takes the responsibility for the mistakes made by him / her, or does he / she blame all his problems on someone else? What are his / her goals for the future? What are his / her regrets? Is he / she generous? Is he / she considerate of other people's feelings? Do you recognize any controlling behaviors?

Now, instead of depending on marriage counselors to help you, take initiatives on your own. Think about your life together and your preferences and likes. You can save your breaking relationship by simple conversations and dialogues that l bring back the sparks you both felt during the courtship period.

Among the exciting questions you can put in your list are questions about your relationship, family, your dreams, goals and, emotions, childhood experiences and memories. These may sound like courtship questions but you can still put yourselves in that stage even if you are married for long. You can share your various ideas to your friends and acquaintances who are trying to work on making a great relationship.

It is not difficult to make a relationship work. All you need is dedication and commitment to be there with each to make your marriage the most successful.

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