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Published: 26th January 2010
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The day of wedding holds the highest importance in an individual's life. Weddings being an extravagance in India, both bride and groom need to look perfect on their big day. In today's time, it's not only brides but grooms also who need to pay a lot of attention to their looks. Even the grooms in India are required to make a lot of preparations for the wedding day and ensure they look just the perfect.

Till recently, marriages in India were simpler but with glamour enveloping the arena of marriage too, it has become lavish and indulgent. Earlier for men, the only preparation for their wedding was to procure a superb wedding dress. An Indian groom had to just shave the beard, put on the dress- a shervani or a suit, comb his hair, apply some fragrance and he was ready to go to the mandap. But this simple process has been completely transformed into a haute affair now. Grooms are equally conscious of their dress and looks as brides are, fixing appointments with hair stylists, working out in the gym, buying designer dresses and accessories, etc.

Giving attention to everything from attire to accessories can make an Indian groom look perfect on his wedding. This article offers some tips to make the grooms look fashionably traditional on the day of their marriage.

 Wedding costume of the groom: When thinking of wedding preparations, the first and foremost importance is given to the wedding dress of the groom. There are generally limited choices available for men but for wedding dresses, there is a wide array of options to choose from. The groom may decide from among stitched or unstitched sherwanis, dhoti kurtas, achkans, kurta pyjamas and Western suits, etc with further more options.

 Matching accessories: In Indian marriages, everyone is enthralled with the bride and the bridegroom. They become the prime objects of attention and everything they speak or do or wear is carefully noticed by the guests. The groom has fewer choices to adorn himself than a bride has but he can still enhance the beauty and grace to his looks. He can buy matching accessories like cuff links, tie pins, shoes like Mojaris or Boots, belt, watch, etc with his wedding dress.

 Hair Style of the groom: Another significant thing for a groom to pay attention to is his hairstyle. A groom must change his hairstyle for his wedding day as it adds manifold to his style quotient and his looks. He must take complete care of his hair to make them look healthy and get them styled by a good or renowned hairstylist.

 Skin Care of the groom: As grooms and brides get the absolute attention at their wedding, they must feel and look their best. With grooms becoming more conscious of their looks, they should take out time for skin care sessions as brides do for their pre bridal sessions. Men are also taking up facial cleansing and toning sessions in expensive parlors to look bright and shining on the day of their marriage. It is worth the effort, time and money spent on such brushing up of looks and personality since marriage is once in a lifetime occasion.

 Options for dressing in sherwani: Sherwanis make for the most popular traditional dresses for grooms in India. They are considered to be the ultimate wedding costume for grooms to look elegant as well as stylish on their wedding day. There are a large number of styles and trends in sherwanis like stitched or unstitched, colorful or simple ranging from a few thousands to lakhs. It could be a Baloochi or Peshawari rich with embroidery or zardosi work according to a groom's preference.

 Wedding Sehra or Turban: Sehras, pagris or turbans are a majestic addition to a groom's wedding outfit. A groom may select the sehra or turban depending on the color and style of the sherwani. In Indian marriages, the style of this accessory varies with the tradition and religion followed by the groom's family or community.

The brilliant fusion of Indian tradition and creativity with modern style and trends converge an impressive look for the groom.

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