Brahmin Matrimony - The Customs and Rituals

Published: 19th September 2011
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According to the ancient caste system, Brahmins were considered to be the top caste followed by Kshatriya, Vaishyas and Shudras. Although this system is not rigidly followed today, the traces can still be witnessed at some places. Brahmins have lot of castes and sub castes like Iyengers, iyers, Sharma, Vajpayee, Awasthi, etc. Beside these sub castes, there are Brahmins in every state like Kannada Brahmins, Telugu Brahmins, Marathi Brahmins, palakkad, Saryapuri, etc. Like any other Hindu marriage, Brahmin matrimony is also characterized by lots of colors, fun, excitement and laughter.

In India, marriages are like festivals which are considered to be the most significant ceremony of any family. Such is the case of Brahmin Matrimonial also where people celebrate the occasion of marriage with great pomp and style; Marriages are the time when people get extravagant and completely outdo themselves. Colorful clothes; enthralling dances and mouth watering cuisines are the significant features. Brahmin weddings are marked with similar festivities with lots of rituals and poojas.

Brahmin Marriage ceremonies are characterized by elaborate rituals like engagement, Jaimala, Phere, Kanyadaan and Vidai. Although a great distinction can be seen in the Brahmin marriage rituals of the southern and the northern regions of the country. Some marriage ceremonies like, matching element of compatibility, rituals, betrothals ceremony, are usually alike in north and south of the same matrimonies Brahman. It is basically a firm step towards the oneness of the bride and the groom.

Like any other community, the Brahmin community also looks for a suitable life partner for their son or daughter within their own community. In earlier times the elders of the family or community decided on the marriage alliances. The family background, looks, job, status, education, etc, were the key concerns while looking for a suitable bride or groom. This practice is still prevalent in India in various communities. After consulting horoscopes of the prospective boy and girl, an engagement date is finalized. Rings are exchanged in this ceremony and both the families mutually agree to solemnize this agreement. Blessings of family elders are taken and offerings are made to divine deities to get their blessings.

Since people have now moved to different parts of the world in search of better job options, choosing partners within one’s own community has become a tough task.

This search led to the growth of a large number of matrimonial sites preferred by all castes of Brahmins both in India and abroad. These sites have come up in big way and are offering their services with great precision. People trust these websites as they are able to offer prospective clients with suitable life partners. These sites are secure and offer total privacy. The details of any person are not divulged until and unless the individual himself instructs otherwise.

A one stop platform is offered by these Brahmin matrimonial sites where prospective grooms and brides can meet and communicate regarding matrimony. To provide a choice of suitable life partners, these portals use the most advanced technology of search. The Brahmin matrimonial sites maintain a large database of marriageable Brahmin brides and Brahmin grooms where customers are treated with lot of care and personal attention. The requirements of every family and candidate are assessed with great care. A pleasant and satisfying matchmaking experience is the main objective of these sites. Privacy and security of the customers is also taken care of.

These days, searching for a suitable life partner has become very convenient using these Brahmin matrimonial sites. These websites offer free services and some additional schemes with paid subscription. This trend has started gaining popularity with every passing day which is simplifying the process of spouse hunting.

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