Marriage compatibility of Aries with Gemini

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Published: 09th July 2010
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The trend of the Marriages in India has seen a lot of changes. Time, perception and the approach towards the marriages have lead to different styles and patterns being observed in the recent arena. But, one thing which has remained constant over the years is the belief of the Indians in the astrological predictions related to marriage. Horoscope matching before marriage is one thing, which almost every Indian follows like a norm. Indian marriages are highly dependent on the results produced from the matching of horoscopes. The families in India make sure that the marriages of their children, last for long, for which they take measures before hand, by matching the horoscopes of the prospective bride and groom. If some traits do not match, they take measures to rectify it and make it sure that the marriage turns out to be a happy and long- lived bond. Moving forward in matching of the compatibility between the different zodiacs, now it comes the turn of Aries with Gemini.

As described in my earlier horoscope matching articles, the matching of horoscope in India is a traditional practise and is followed by heart in India. Aries, the first sun sign of the Zodiac series, is known to be very energetic, confident, courageous and confident. They possess a very competitive attitude towards work and want to be declared as a winner in which field, they become a part of. They are often referred as the leaders and do not like some one overpowering their stature or position. They are also very impatient and selfish and tend to think about themselves only, when it comes to profit. In case of personal relationships, they are very frank and open. They do not like to hide things from the life partner. They are very lively and enthusiastic and believe in trying new things every time, adding fun to the life.

Gemini, people born in the time period of May 22- June 21, are very versatile, intellectual, expressive and lively. Gemini's are full of life and believe in practising a new thing every day. They are always charged up for new things and entertainment and are ready to face new challenges and fill their pot of mind with lots of information. With the passage of every single day, they tend to become more intelligent and intellectual. Gemini's are sometimes very superficial and inconsistent, due to which they can have problems in their married life. There cunning and inquisitive nature can also create hurdles in the normal lifestyle of their married life.

The marriage quotient between a Gemini and an Aries is highly compatible. They share a lot of things in common because of which the marriages between a Gemini and an Aries couple are believed to be greatly successful. The liveliness and the willingness to do new things never allow boredom to enter their lives. Their belief in living in the present and forgetting about the past adds to their happiness. Aries and Gemini both love freedom and independence, due to which they provide sufficient space to each other to live smoothly and in accordance to their choice.

In spite of all the above matching factors for the marriage, couple formed by a Gemini and an Aries person can sometimes have problems in coping with each other. The slow speech and the nervousness of the Gemini can result in making the Aries irritating, due to his impatient attitude. Aries are very impulsive and impatient, which turns out to be a contradictory point in their relation and can spoil the essence of their marriage. Otherwise, the marriage combination of an Aries and a Gemini is surely a lively combo and both of their attitudes and view towards life, can keep them happy and satisfied in each other's company.

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