Marriage compatibility of Aries with Leo

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Published: 14th July 2010
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Marriages from ages have been dependent on the horoscope compatibility of two zodiacs. Matching horoscopes, before marriage is a default practise, this is followed by the Indian families, before fixing the wedding alliance. Indians are always very cautious about the matching of stars or kundali's of the bride and groom, the results of which decides whether the alliance would be fixed or not. There are many believes and practices, which keep on changing with time, but horoscope matching before marriages in India, is one thing, which has become a custom for families. Some Indian families, because of their traditional practises are bound to follow this practise of horoscope matching before marriage.

Continuing the series of articles on importance of horoscope matching before marriage, now comes the turn of matching the marriage compatibility of Aries with Leo. Marriages in India have always been given the status of the most important ceremony in the life of a human being. Therefore, by matching the horoscope compatibility before marriage, the families of the bride and the groom make it sure that their children have a bright and a smooth married life. It is a kind of superstition, but a large number of Indian families possess a strong belief in this practise. Coming to the marriage compatibility of Aries with Leo, they share a very strong bonding due to the common traits of practising the concept of freedom and independence in their lives.

The married life of an Aries and a Leo are believed to move smoothly, due to their energetic and cheerful nature. Both of them believe in the implementation of independence in their lives and so are ought to give respectable space to their life partner during their journey of married life. The marriages in India, lack the space of independence for the Indian bride, because of which she is not able to express herself freely in her married life, as a result of which problems arises. A combination of Leo and Aries allows both of them to lead their lives according to their own wishes and have a happy married life.

The respect for each others freedom, surely add to the smoothness of the married life. But, the consciousness of the Leo with respect to his image in the society is one thing, which can bring hitches in the marriage relation of the Aries- Leo couple. Aries is very broad minded and hardly cares about his image in the society. He is the owner of his life, and does not like to structure his lifestyle according to the requirements and demands of the society. Whereas, a Leo is very much particular about his public image and how people talk about him in society.

The willingness to share the ideas and the thoughts between each other also needs to be developed between an Aries and a Leo couple. Too much of independence and freedom can also lead to problems and differences in the married life. Sharing and caring are important elements of a married life, which needs to be restored both by the Indian bride and groom. The generous, creative and loving nature of Leo is always appreciated by the Aries and he enjoys and welcomes new ideas implemented by the Leo in their married life. The bride and the groom in every Indian marriage have to make a lot of compromises and adjustments, which could make their married life an easy and a smooth moving journey. The Aries and Leo couple need to take care of their monetary funds, because both are fun and adventure loving, which at end can turn out to be a heavy burden on their pockets. Otherwise, the marriages between the Leo and an Aries turn out to be successful, just by keeping in mind few points and precautions for a contented marriage journey.

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