Marriage compatibility of Gemini with Aquarius

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Published: 02nd September 2010
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Marriages is not a bond for a day or two, it is the relation, which binds the bride and groom for a time which lasts for lifetime. In India, marriages are given great importance and people take pride in performing the marriage rituals with all the traditional ways and ceremonies. Indian marriages are said to have the longest celebration, which last from days to months. The bride and groom have different ceremonies at their respective houses and even many ceremonies are celebrated in common, which have family members from both the sides. All the ceremonies have their individual importance and are considered imperative to be performed for the well- being of the married couple. One more step, which is taken usually in the starting of the marriage, is the matching of the horoscopes of the bride and groom.

Matching the horoscope of the bride and groom, before fixing the wedding bond is taken as the most essential step towards the future of the marriage. In a way, it is the judgemental step, whether the bride and the groom would be able to spend their whole life together. After tying the wedding bond, they are supposed to be together for life long, for which a lot depends on the compatibility of the horoscopes of the bride and groom. Coming to the matching of horoscope compatibility of Gemini with Aquarius, they both have a lot in common and have similar approaches towards life. The marriage relation between the Gemini and Aquarius is believed to move and grow smoothly as both have common interests and compliment each others intellectuality. They take great interest in each others viewpoint and talks, which makes their relation more strong and leads to the development of a great wedding bond.

There are obviously problems or differences in their married life, but none of them has the capability to create differences between them. Another thing, which is very important for the healthy married life is the need of space in the relation to breathe. It is highly imperative that the bride and groom enjoys their personal space and have the freedom to live life in their own ways. This gives the time to the person to recollect himself and come to his original being, so that he is able to give his best in the marriage relation. In case of the Gemini and Aquarius, both respect each otherís privacy and therefore share a great bonding for marriage. Life should always be filtered with joyful moments, which could be cherished by the whole family for long.

Also, they are very much in favour of innovative and creative attitude towards life, due to which they enjoy each moment of life and support each other in their innovations towards life. This also adds the flavour of fun and newness in their lives. The unpredictable and the independent nature of Gemini is appreciated by the Aquarius, which adds to surprises and lovely moments in their married life. Geminis are very passionate and positive towards the sustainability of the element of romance in their married life. Aquarius needs to learn this and earn proficiency in the romantic ways to lure his life partner. Aquarians need to make sure that his uninteresting and unromantic nature does not lead to the diminishing of the romantic zeal of the Gemini, as it is a very essential factor for gearing up the marriage relation. Like all other marriages, this marriage bond is also sure to face some hiccups, but if the both the bride and groom understand each other and think for each otherís happiness and prosperity, then they can manage to live a happy married life.

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