Wedding Attire for the Brides and Grooms in Hindi Matrimony

Published: 17th January 2012
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In India, a wedding embodies and symbolizes a number of rituals, customs, traditions, party and celebrations. These customs are rituals have been inherited from one generation to another. A wedding is undoubtedly a very special moment in the life of everyone involved, including the family members, relatives, friends, and every other person.

Wedding dress for brides

A wedding moment is undoubtedly witness one of the most important moments in the life of a couple. Therefore it is usually required that all people involved in a wedding get dressed as a preferable way to match the occasion. The traditional dress of a bride Hindi Matrimony is the traditional sari. Normally the brides wear red dresses. Red symbolizes passion, joy, wealth and prosperity.


An Indian sari usually has a length of 5 meters and a width of 1 meter. Basically a wedding sari is woven with silk, and is embroidered with colored stripes or red gold. The bride draped in sari looks really beautiful, as it makes any woman look more ravishing. A part of the sari is used as a veil to cover the bride’s head, symbolizing feminism.

One can find different styles and designs of saris in different states of India, and every state follows its own way to drape a sari. In Maharashtra, the most popular sari pattern is Paithani sari, which is generally made up of silk, and has golden borders with intricate designs. The south Indian states of India are popular for the Kanchipuram saris, which are quite costly and very attractive due to generous use of golden and other flashy colours.

In the Northern and Eastern India, mainly in Hindi matrimony, the saris which are most popular for wedding purposes are Banarasi saris. These saris are also woven from silk and are available in bright hues. A sari is paired with blouse, which has also gained attention of the wearers and fashionable blouses have come into demand. Special saris are woven just for the wedding purposes. Many brides order the sari according to the wedding theme, and the embroidery work they wish to wear for their big day.


Lehenga is skirt type attire, which has also gained much popularity in the recent years in Hindi matrimony. The brides love to wear gorgeous lehengas for their wedding. These are very heavily embroidered, and are mostly preferred in the fabrics of crepe, georgette or chiffon. A lehenga is topped with a stole of a length of about 2.5 m, which covers the head of the bride. Some of the extravagant designs of lehengas also include very elaborate embroidery with the work of mirrors, rhinestones, and also make use of gold and silver threads and beads.

Wedding dress for the bridegroom

Generally, the bridegrooms wear kurta dhoti, sherwani or suits for the wedding occasion. Kurtas made up of silk, embroidered with silk threads and stones. The Indian wedding attire for the grooms is paired with tight lowers and semi formal shoes. Embroidered shoes are also available in the market, which make the shoes match the occasion of wedding.

Some grooms also like to wear Indo-western suits or semi-formal suits, but in the Hindi matrimony, black is prohibited, as it is believed to be the colour of mourning. The preferred colours for the dress of a groom are off-white, cream, red, maroon, peach, different shades of green and blue, etc.

Every dress should be designed to match the occasion in Hindi matrimony or any other matrimony. Having wedding attire that catches everyone’s attention is the dream for every bride and groom. The dress for a wedding must be selected as per the personality of a person to make the wedding moments immemorial.

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