Wedding Planner For A North Indian Wedding

Published: 07th February 2009
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Everyone wants the wedding day to be the most beautiful day of their lives. Everything should be perfect for that day and arranged in a way that everyone is able to enjoy to the fullest. However, with the huge, pompous and ornate north Indian weddings, this is sometimes not possible. Things do go awry at the last minute and plans go down the drain. Since there are so many functions, rituals and so many people to please, it is not always possible to get everything right to the hilt. However, each problem has a solution. If you are also planning a north Indian wedding and have no clue how to go about things, read on. There is useful information in this article that will help you get things right for the wedding day without taking much trouble. Does it sound too good to be real? Read on.

Planning a north Indian wedding can be both fun and a huge, mammoth responsibility at the same time. There are so many ceremonies and tasks that need to be done in the right traditional way that one is sometimes left baffled by the scale of the things. Then, managing the guests and the real arrangements of the wedding day is another Herculean task in itself. No proper north Indian wedding is complete without a huge list of guests, sometimes exceeding 1,000 people. Though there are elders in the family who love to take care of all these things, in today’s busy schedules and hectic lives, it is always advisable to hire a wedding planner who will take care of all that needs to be done on and before the wedding day.

Yes, the wedding planner services come at a cost but they take away so many of responsibilities and tensions and let you enjoy the wedding to the fullest that in the end you would feel that the decision to hire a wedding planner was well worth it. Right from choosing the venue to deciding the wedding feast to getting the wedding theme implemented to getting the cards designed to looking after the out-station guests to managing the bridal dress, jewelry and make-up to even arranging the honeymoon, wedding planners do it all for you. So, it is for you to decide how much you would want to shed your load on them.

Especially for brides-to-be who are working, it is very difficult to squeeze out time to go trousseau hunting and deciding on the final make-up and hair stylist. For such girls, wedding planners are like a blessing in disguise. They do everything on behalf of the bride. All the bride has to do is explain her taste in one meeting and then they take care of the rest. They shortlist the best vendors in your range and take you to only the select few. This not just saves time but also saves a lot of running around at the last minute.

Apart from helping the bride, martimonial planners are instrumental in managing the whole arrangements of the wedding. If the wedding venue is outstation, you must take the services of a wedding planner of the area. Otherwise, you will find yourself running for everything. On the other hand, the planner would know everything and would become your one-point contact. All you have to do is explain your taste, budget and requirements to the planner and he will take care of the rest. Even is the wedding is in your own city, the wedding planner can help you get things arranged at cheaper rates as they are familiar with the vendors and can avail discounts owing to their relations with the vendors. In this way, you would not spend extra but end up saving money by hiring a wedding planner.

By delegating the basic responsibilities of the arrangement you can heave a sigh of relief and ensure that you get drowned in the real festivities of the day. Now, you would not need to worry whether the flower decorator came on time or not, sweets were delivered at the right places or not, mandap was decorated well or not. Your wedding planner is already taking care of all these things.

The charges and services of a wedding planner vary as per the location, date, hours, to even the intricacy of the arrangements. If you want a customized package designed for yourself, they would charge accordingly. You can hire the wedding planner only for specific tasks or just for the wedding day. That is for you to decide but the moment you hire one, the responsibilities related to your north Indian wedding would ease down a lot. So, if you have also dreamt of a perfect wedding day minus the hassles, you know now what to do. Just hire a wedding planner and make the wedding absolutely balle-balle!

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